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Forró Portsmouth is an inclusive community for dancers of all levels with classes every Thursday and free social dancing after the classes. 


Drop in classes starting Thursday the 13th June!

Welcome to Forró Portsmouth, I am excited that you have got this far and would love to see you at the class or social dancing. On Thursday the 13th of June, you can bring a friend absolutely free, it will be just £10 for you! Feel free to book online, or just turn up and you can pay with cash or card. The only things to know are that you need no experience or partner, you should wear something comfortable, flat soled shoes and the class starts at 7pm. Hopefully see you there!

What is Forró?

Forró dancing is a form of dance originating from Brazil, characterised by its infectious rhythms and close connection between partners. It's typically danced to the the varies types of forró music, featuring mainly the accordion, drums, and triangle.


In forró, each dance is different and changes throughout, partners move together in a close embrace, blending smooth steps with energetic movements, creating a dynamic and enjoyable dance experience. It's easy to learn and perfect for beginners, offering a fun way to socialise, exercise, and immerse yourself in Brazilian culture. Give it a try and discover the joy of forró dancing!

Classes and social dancing every Thursday night

When you sign up for and come to any class, you are invited to freely join or observe the other that night. Beginners focus on basics and confidence, while improvers pick up the pace, requiring a solid foundation from beginners. We're here to equip you with skills and confidence in beginners, so you can dive into the challenges of improvers with gusto! Don't forget the free social dancing time after the classes from 8:30pm.

Come and learn with Forró Portsmouth! Check out our classes and courses below

You don't need a partner for any of the classes as you will rotate with the other dancers. ​Please wear comfortable clothing, flat soled shoes and be clean.

Beginner Class

Going from nothing to knowing the basics and enjoying the dance floor! This is the class for you if you are absolutely new to Forró or you just want more practice. Maybe you have done other styles of similar dance (Kazumba/Salsa) or maybe you have enjoyed Forró years ago and want to refresh your knowledge. This class will take you from no dancing experience at all to enjoying the dance floor with some simple steps!

If you enjoy the class, find the steps quite straight forward and fancy pushing yourself, there is an improvers class straight after from 7:45pm to 8:30pm you are more than welcome to watch or join in.

The social after the improvers class is free. The teacher will be around to answer any questions, help you with anything and most importantly dance!

Improver Class

If you are comfortable with the basics and want to explore more of what Forró has to offer then this class is for you.

We will be covering aspects of different styles of Forró and where they came from, the tools available within the dance such as communication, techniques for both leading and following such as body and attentive leading, active following and changing roles, playing with the aspects of presence and absence, sequences and repertoire growth.

The social after the improvers class is free. The teacher will be around to answer any questions, help you with anything and most importantly dance. If you book this class, you are more than welcome to come to the beginner class at 7pm for free. Don't forget about the social dancing afterwards!

4 Week Beginner Crash Course

This is the course for you if you are absolutely new to Forró and want to be able to know the basics and be able to enjoy the dance floor by the end of the course. You need no dancing experience at all. You will learn the basics and more through exploring the three pillars of this forró course, music, technique and repertoire.

During the course, through lots of dancing, we will explore the various types of music and rhythms, including the different speeds and styles. We will also engage with the foundational forró techniques (embrace, frame, arm/leg movements) as well as more universal dance techniques (Balance, spatial awareness, weight transfer). By the end of the course you will have developed your repertoire and be able to dance using the different styles of Forró covered.

This will be a springboard for you to learn more and more through other courses, with other teachers and at festivals.

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